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RICCARDO CARLESSO - Curriculum Vitae

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"A Cloud customer-focused DevOps: Cloud Architect, Network admin, scripting guru, extrovert, wine drinker"

Ric a Parigi


Riccardo Carlesso

Born in

Argenta (Ferrara), Italy on 29 Dec 1976.


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Websites (personal website/blog - mostly in Italian) (My LinkedIn page)


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Fingerprint: EBE0 E967 B31D 3C78 DEE6   0A08 05EB 97C1 772F 54DE

Professional Experiences

May '12 - current

I joined Google Inc. (Dublin) as Enterprise Technical Solutions Engineer - Cloud Technology. My job is to offer support for Cloud Computing Google solutions (AppEngine) and debug client programs (mostly in Java and Python).

In 2012 I moved to Zurich Switzerland and shortly after I moved as Strategic Cloud Engineer

Jun '11 - May '12

I joined Dell Inc. (Dublin) as a "Cloud Senior Developer". My role is a DevOps, ranging from development to sysadmin. As a devops, I'm using tools such as Puppet, Chef, Crowbar (open source Cloud deployer by Dell, to which I contribute), ganeti and hypervisors such as kvm, Xen, VMWare/ESX. We are using and leveraging OpenStack technologies such as swift and nova. I'm currently creating/mantaining the whole development Linux fleet (git,dns,wiki,web,smb,ldap,..) and slowly 'puppetizing' it. I've also developed scripts to automatize the creation of VMs and their behaviour through puppet recipes and an internal tool called Extropy.

Feb '09 – Apr '11

I joined HEAnet (Dublin) in the newly-born Software Development team as Network Systems Software Developer.

As a developer, the language of choice is Ruby (exp. on Rails), although other projects require(d) Perl, Python, PHP, Bash. With Ruby, it was love at first sight, and I made its principles as mine (Agile development, BDD, DRY, REST, …). I follow current trends in my spare time (like Heroku[1][2] and Github). I develop with TextMate and Netbeans on a Mac (quite happily). We use svn/git. I'm currently customizing RT Ticketing System source code to fit our business logic (liasing to RT core development team) and plugging it to existing Rails apps. Regression testing, acceptance testing is dealt with.

As a sysadmin, I work with many virtual machines (mostly debian/ubuntu); I configure apache, nagios (with custom monitoring scripts), munin (ditto), Pubcookie (and all its possible integrations), mrtg, LDAP, exim, procmail, iptables, .. Custom nrpe nagios scripts are written to monitor the most critical services in software apps.

Most servers are Ubuntu, some are Debian or Windows. My clients are all Mac. Making all those of them work together takes a good part of my working hours. Every server I manage is monitored (Nagios, Munin, MRTG) and staging/production servers are made high-available (heartbeat). For every software service delivered, we have development / staging / production machines.

I'm starting as hands-on Project Manager. I manage timeline of my projects, allocate resources from swdev team on tasks, manage meetings, then report to my boss.

I also participate in NOC rota.

Oct '08 – Feb '09

I joined Lake Communications (Dublin) in the Software Division as a Senior Software Developer.

My job was the customisation, configuration and installation of embedded PBXs with open source on MIPS boards (busybox + Asterisk) with wifi and switched networking.

I had both developing and networking duties. I worked on Asterisk servers, both with VoIP phones and POTS phones. Programmed embedded microprocessors in C and shell scripts (init/busybox/zboot).

Use of Clearcase as SCM. 

Sep '03 – Oct '08

I joined Laboratori Guglielmo Marconi (Bologna, Italy) in Network Design division.

(mostly Linux) System Administration.

  • 5+ years experience on GNU/Linux machines (mostly Slackware and Debian).
  • Database administration. High proficiency in RDBMS theory and optimization, experience with MySql/Postgres.
  • Email: Integration of groupware (mail server, webmail, LDAP, …)
  • In-depth knowledge of LDAP and MySql backends.
  • Deep bash scripting and customizations ( “bash wizard”)


  • Network monitoring through SNMP, mrtg, custom scripts. 
  • Excellent TCP/IP stack knowledge (especially in Linux 2.4/2.6 kernel), some Cisco configuration, some IPv6 development.
  • Network operative Center (NOC): 1-year experience at LABS. I occasionally helped the NOC rota.
  • Security: iptables, hardening of Linux/Windows machines, security audits (Snort).
  • Design: Design and implementation of networks in big PA / health care organizations with 5000 users: VPNs, emails/groupware, infrastructure, switch configuration. Design (network plan) and configuration of LANs e WANs on any operating systems, above all on Linux and Cisco/HP architecture.

Development. I have a 10-year experience in programming in both Windows and Linux environments (with MS Visual Studio, Kdevelop, Eclipse, EasyPHP for LAMP). Strong websites experience (work and personal passion): HTML, CSS, PHP, AJAX. I program in C, C++, Java, PHP, bash, Perl. Strong use of SVN.

European Projects. In the past three years, I joined two railway European projects (Euromain and Integrail), working both as a security expert (making software and standard specifications) and as a project manager, in a Europe-wide environment.


In 2002-2003 I supported Massimo Ferri teaching Vision Mathematics in the MA (Master) in Mathematics for Applications at "Universita'  di Bologna". The collaboration included a few lessons on the application of metric spaces to video surveillance and the use of mathematical techniques for eliminating shades from the images. It also included interviews with MA students.

May-Dec '02

I worked as post-graduate for Universita'  di Bologna. I continued my thesis work in Video Surveillance and published an article on shadow removal for ARCES: "An adaptive approach to Shadow Removal for the detection of vehicles in Video Surveillance Systems and an 8-connectivity labeling algorithm." 

Schools and certificates

Dec '03

I earned "CCNA 4 WAN technologies" CISCO Certification.

Jan '03 - Sep '03

I attended (and successfully passed final exam) a 1500 hours Master on Information Security. Course objectives: "To form qualified personnel able to design LAN/WAN secure networks, to administer client-server systems with authentication systems and intrusion detection, to define security policies that take into account infrastructures, technical solutions and procedures that grant an effective Security Management"

Nov '02

I successfully passed the State examination for professional Engineer qualification.

Mar '02

Laurea in Ingegneria Informatica (5-year-long master degree in "Informatics Engineering") at Universita'  di Bologna with 99/100 points. Graduation thesis in artificial vision (AI), titled: "Descriptors and metrics for tracking objects in image sequences for video surveillance applications".

Jul '95

Scientific high school degree at Liceo Scientifico Don Minzoni in Argenta (FE), scoring 60/60.

Sep '94

Attended XVI Corso di Orientamento universitario a Cortona, organized by Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa (Basically, this course is held yearly for the 150 "most promising" Italian students coming from a secondary school, ~17 years old).


Italian (native) 

English (fluent) 

French (good) 

Portuguese (intermediate)

, Spanish (basic)

 German (basic) 

Extra-curricular activities

Hobbies: swimming, piano, teaching, music, networking, organizing events, couchsurfing, scuba diving, languages, triathlons (Ironman). Traveling, traveling, traveling.

I really love Maths (and teaching it).

Last updated: 2008, February 17

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