Tutto ciò che ha a che fare con Linux, l'open source, .
Leggete qui cosa dice il suo creatore a una domanda sulla scelta tra il popolare pinguino e il robusto diavoletto...


> > Other than the fact Linux has a cool name, could someone explain why I
> > should use Linux over BSD?
> No.  That's it.  The cool name, that is.  We worked very hard on
> creating a name that would appeal to the majority of people, and it
> certainly paid off: thousands of people are using linux just to be able
> to say "OS/2? Hah.  I've got Linux.  What a cool name".  386BSD made the
> mistake of putting a lot of numbers and weird abbreviations into the
> name, and is scaring away a lot of people just because it sounds too
> technical.
        -- Linus Torvalds' follow-up to a question about Linux
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