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This categories gathersallinformations and article that are written in English. I'm a traveller and I know people who cannot speak italian. My aim is to let everybody in the world to stick to this silly website: everybody has right to lose time as they please! Cool

Spaghetti Bolognese don't exist! •PDF• •Print• •E-mail•
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•Written by Riccardo Carlesso•   

Spaghetti BologneseSpaghetti bolognese: Everyone knows them... except Italians.

Right, read it again if you don't believe me... in Italy we don't prepare that kind of pasta.

What the hell, you may be wondering... Italy is famous for spaghetti and bolognese sauce (that we call "ragú alla bolognese" or simply ragú, but we would never mix these two things in the same dish).

Why oh why, you may as well think? I think the reason can be found in two ways.

First, they come from two different cultures. Spaghetti come from the south, where a simpler tomato, basil, and veg sauce would seem more appropriate.

Second, spaghetti are slippery, so they're not as good to 'retain' a demanding sauce as a beef ragú is. As every bolognese person can tell you, appropriate pastas for bolognese ragú can be: tagliatelle (first choice), pennette/penne/mezzepenne, conchiglie, fusilli, maccheroni, ... in general every form of 'pasta rigata' (ribbed pasta). Pasta rigata is a pasta that is not smooth, so this sauce is more likely to stay with the pasta, instead of slipping down. I think the main reason why every person from Bologna is horrified by the mere idea of associating spaghetti with our proud ragú is that we perfectly know (because everyone has made that mistake once in their life) what happens if you do that: spaghetti would ruthlessly come up your fork completely naked of any red or meaty trace... just to leave a gloomy surprise in the very end: a bloody pool of meat and tomato just looking at you as if asking "Now what?". And unless you are Italian, you don't know what scarpetta is. but that's another story.

As wikipedia (as of 19dec09) says about Bolognese_sauce:

[...] Spaghetti alla Bolognese, Spaghetti Bolognese, or Spaghetti Bolognaise in a form popular outside of Italy, consists of a meat sauce served on a bed of spaghetti with a good sprinkling of grated Parmigiano cheese. Although Spaghetti alla Bolognese is very popular outside of Italy, it never existed in Bologna, where ragú is served always with the local egg pastas tagliatelle or lasagne. Spaghetti is a drum wheat pasta from Naples, and the Naples Ragú of a meat-flavoured thick tomato sauce clings much better to slippery spaghetti than Bologna's ground beef ragú. [...]


Something about me •PDF• •Print• •E-mail•
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•Written by Riccardo Carlesso•   

RiccardoIntro. I'm sorry, this is definitely not a multilingual site: this is an italian site, so it was, so it will afaik. Still,  I'd like to tell you something about me, so that the curiosity of most surfers - randomly fell into this crazy unconceivable site - be satisfied. Or, you can start from the photos (2006 2007 ...): there isn't much text there, and I'm quite proud of them, too. :)

What about this site?

This site is my personal homepage. My name is Riccardo Carlesso, I'm a Telecommunication Engineer (specialization in Informatics). You can learn something more about my education clicking on my CV.

I love maths
I love maths
I like maths and informatics, too. My favourite school discipline is Maths. I like reading Analysis books (actually I'm writing one as well!), reading history of mathematicians, writing theorems all along my room walls, and so on. I think you'd call it addiction.

I like travelling too, pity you can't read italian because I'm very proud of my travel diaries you can find here . I hope sooner or later I'll translate them in English, 'cos I consider them Patrimony of Humanity. Not that my writing style deserves a Pulitzer, not at all. But I think that if everybody wrote about one's travel experiences, people who googled before leaving would have benefited from that ;) That's what I did before going to Japan, and the only thing thay talked about was 'gnocca' (italian jargon for a feminine synecdoche, I think you have some imagination): quite frustrating.

I'm an egotist, too: I think this is pretty much evident to non-Italian-speaking-persons, too. There's a whole division on this site regarding me myself (you probably have noticed the link is bigger than others in this article). I like humour, and I think I founded a new humour standard, but it mostly involves speaking in English instead of Italian, so I think you wouldn't appreciate it. Ah, my friends tell me that's even worse than English humour, so consider yourself lucky. Wink

I'm somewhat an artist, and I wrote some Vogon poetry in my early years. You can find it here

Why 'Palladius'?

Well that's a good question. That name was given to me at the end of a long night, when I got admitted in a fraternity (in italian the word is 'goliardia ').  The reason... well that's another story and you should buy me a drink in order to  know: that's what they teach us in this world called goliardia. How I know this? Obviously, I paid much for that! For the scientific minds among you, the answer is YES: it sounds quite recursive. 

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The night I decided to stop smoking •PDF• •Print• •E-mail•
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•Written by Riccardo Carlesso•   

or "How I learned to stop smoking and love Fischbach"

Sun, 2007 Dec. 2

 In one of my frequent flies, I was waiting for a LONG coincidence in Frankfurt. After two hour wait, still i have nothing to do, nowhere to connect my notebook. i have a brilliant idea: i decide to smoke a cigarette! The area is interdicted to smokers, obviously, but there is a narrow cubicle where you can practice this nice sport. 2 square meters, 5 people. A door sign reads: please keep door close, or this last chance to smoke in a airport will be revoked. the craziest thing is, people passing by stopped for a while to watch this spectacle. When you get so narrow to smoke a cigarette, in an unbreathable area that YOU are contributing to pollute, ... you just long to finish it asap! its shameful! and I think that was a design choice for that cubicle. Wink
Well, i get to the hotel, little swimming and then my favorite Fischbach Pub: the Banhof! I have only one packet of Philip Morris with me, will it be sufficient? Tongue outAs I get in, I discover that Sirchia law had arrived  in Germany too!!! Not only in France (where I'm sure that the rebel character of french people will keep the existing smoking standards in public places), as I discovered in Lille, even in Germany now! my cigarettes will have to wait, and my beer becomes harder and harder to finish. Smile

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